ABIS SIL – Full automatic banknote sheet inspection line

100% Offline inspection and sorting – fully automatic system for banknote and security printing sheets

Sheet feeding and transport system noted for precise sheet alignment in combination with aproofed and sophisticated scanning technologies by camera assures accurate inspection and sorting of banknotes sheets. Front and reverse side quality control of every single banknote of the sheet in one run. Sorting-out via sheet gate to seperate pile.


Example of monitored parameters

  • Serial number identification
  • Serial number printing quality
  • Correct position of the series and the number
  • Different numbers and series on one banknote
  • The missing of a part of microperforation holes
  • Outer dimensions of the microperforation area
  • Horizontal and vertical arrangement of microperforation holes
  • Arrangement of the watermark
  • Poorly inked portions of image
  • Color variation between image elements
  • Slur and transfer of ink from other printouts
  • Vertical and horizontal misregister between intaglio and Orloff/offset
  • Vertical and horizontal misregister of screen-printed image
  • Vertical and horizontal misregister of image components
  • The size and shape of the watermark
  • Availability of the watermark
  • Parameters of the windowed thread (quantity, size, arrangement of windows)
  • Availability and location of the windowed thread
  • Availability of the component deposited by screen printing method
  • Diffuseness or duplication of image portions
  • Conformity of UV image of the banknote to a reference specimen
  • Compliance of the IR image of a banknote with reference sample

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